Spiritual Discernment 101

Choosing the Deeper Wisdom: Spiritual Discernment 101

What must I do? What may I do? There are myriad options in any one moment, let alone any one lifetime. Each of us is a deep well of spirit and grace, even as we are also busy people engaged in a complex world. How often do we dip into this refreshing well that helps to shape direction and meaning in our decisions? This graphic volume is a manual in spiritual discernment, the art of making decisions in light of our spiritual natures. Most of the wisdom about discernment of spirits and decision-making is pulled from the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola but with a modern twist. The content is of equal interest for those who are already engaged in a lifelong journey of faith, and for those who consider themselves “spiritual but not necessarily religious.”

This is an updated Word Document of the panels in their entirety:

Spiritual Discernment 101 Cartoons

The contents includes cartoon panels depicting the concepts and examples of the 22 “Rules of Discernment” found in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, as well as his instructions on how to make a decision with God in the Spirit. There are other traditional and contemporary sources sprinkled throughout. There is a bibliography for those who wish to pursue your own study and practice. While these concepts are sequential so far, there are missing panels that I hope will tie the “experience” together from one panel to the next, even as I hope that each speaks for itself as well. These insights come from years of studying but also from spiritual experience of my own and that of individuals and groups I have directed.

Thank you for your feedback from your own experience and for your patience… Please come back and check on the progress.

Map of Spiritual Discernment 101Why and What


Ignatius Discernment of Spirits

Ignatius Understanding Spirits

FoundationTrue NorthChoosing the Goodchoosing the Highest GoodChoosing Good Gold StarChoosing Good Happy PlaceChoosing DownwardJourney of PurificationDesireFelt KnowledgeIndifferenceFreedomListening in SilenceSpiritual DiscernmentWhat is SpiritBody-Soul in TimeBody-Spirit PitfallsPolarization IPolarization Good Bad IIOrientation I.jpgOrientation IISpiritual Consolation and Desolationimage

Consolationconsolation and surrenderFacing DesolationTips of Desolation

Negotiating Desolation

Go Against DesolationGo Against IIGo Against IIIGo Against IVDesolation as StucknessSetting BoundariesSssecretsSsseducerSelf-Knowledge Achilles HeelAnatomy of a MovementInterior NVC DialogueAngel of LightAngel of Light Good to BestTrain of ThoughtCatch a ThoughtSound of Water SpongeSound of Water FaucetAfterglow bThree Ways of Making a DecisionPreparing a ProposalReasoning Pros and ConsTracking MovementsData The Interior WorkData Imagination The Movie20190908_093639090_iOSData Exterior Wisdomimg_0476

3 Responses to Spiritual Discernment 101

  1. Sheila says:

    Your work is extensive and entertaining. I enjoyed thinking through your steps. Sheila

  2. This is amazing! I look forward to reading and reflecting on each of these more in the future. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!

  3. Richie Rohr says:

    Wow, this is amazing! I need to really sit down and digest each slide individually. Thank you!

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