Who and Why Discern


The who, what, and why…

Description: This chapter is an introduction to the author, the reason this volume was conceived, and an introduction to the main character (Ignatius) and his work, the Quaker tradition, and some current psychological elements that nuance this 16th century tradition.

The Author and Why Discern

How to Read These Pages

St. Ignatius of Loyola and Spiritual Discernment

The Spiritual Exercises

Rules of Discernment

Spiritual Mentor/Director/Friend: Keeping it Honest

16th Century Wisdom

Quaker Silence

Recent Wisdom: Non-Violent Communication, Self-Parenting, Shadow Work

See panels below, or click here for PowerPoint images and reflection questions for this chapter: Who and Why Discern


The Who, What and Why…


Introducing the cartoons.


Introducing Ignatian Spirituality


Introducing Ignatius’ Discernment of Spirits

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