Interior Preparations


Description: This chapter deals with the foundations that need to be in place in order to truly engage in spiritual discernment rather than just making a decision using reason and feelings alone.

Foundation of the Spiritual Life

“True North”

Choosing the “Good”

Choosing the Highest Good

Choosing the “Gold Star”

Choosing the “Happy Place”

Choosing Downward Mobility as Good

Journey of Purification

Role of Desire

“Felt Knowledge”: Feelings and Spirit

Examen: Staying in the Relationship

Indifference: Freedom to Choose



Setting the Intention

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True NorthChoosing the Goodchoosing the Highest GoodChoosing Good Gold StarChoosing Good Gold StarChoosing DownwardJourney of PurificationFreedomFelt KnowledgeDesireInterior NVC Dialogue